Translation Services

Interpreting Services

Translation Services

Translation is the action of interpreting the meaning of a text, and the subsequent production of an equivalent text that communicates the same idea or message in another language.
If you need a translation of any of your documents (technical, commercial, financial statement, medical transcripts, business letters, notarized translations, etc..) we have the team to provide the services you need. Our language translation professionals are qualified and have long experience translating documents for international companies in the main business used world languages. All of them are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise.
We are an experienced company prepared to translate your materials and get the job done following high quality standard that will meet your best expectations. Every completed translation is double checked through a quality control before we delivering the final document to you.

General Translation

Any non-specialist material such as personal correspondence, general publishing articles, speeches, etc.. We have dedicated translators who are here to help you !

Commercial / Marketing Translation

Let Tradupolis help you to bring your commercial ideas and messages abroad. We know how to get noticed and we will effectively and accurately communicate your marketing messages in the language your audience is from.

Legal Translation Services

Legal translations require very specialist knowledge. The wording for this type of documents is very precise and the way of expressing it can´t have ambiguity. Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause many hassle and only suitably qualified people can translate legal documents. We will translate your contracts, complaints, Articles of Incorporation, minutes, sentences, power of attorney, insurance policies, fines, bill of rights, etc...

Financial Services And Bank Translation

We are expertise in translating financial documentation by in-country professional translators. We cover most of the industries and sectors and we are able to deliver that what you may require by knowing the way round the accounts through the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow statement, and understanding the Notes of the Accounts.
We already translate relevant text for the Stock market or other financial markets (shares, bonds, options, futures, and derivatives, etc..), Research (Credit, Equity, Fixed Income, FX, etc..), Administrative, Accountancy, Shareholder statements, Annual reports, etc…

Technical Translations

We try to provide to you the highest possible linguistic translation service no matter what your technical requirements are... Our translations are done by technical field experts working in their native language. It ensures meeting your expectations and getting your products / services ready for the market.
Our highly skilled bilingual professional translators are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise to be organized by your project manager.
We provide multilingual translation for your:
- Engineering documentation: (high technology, manufacturing, technical specifications, proposals, design descriptions , safety and quality assurance reports, installation, user guide, training manuals, etc..)
- Software: (search, user interfaces , online help, installation, manuals, etc..)
- Scientific documentation: (journal articles, conferences, theses, experimental reports, patent descriptions, etc..)

Medical Translations

Not a single error in your medical documents can be affordable by anyone... Ask us for the availability of any of our bilingual medicine degree translators…

Interpreting Services

We provide a professional interpreting service and we are focus on providing a high quality of services. Regardless where you are based, we are able to provide you with translators and interpreters throughout all Western Europe.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The spoken source language is translated by interpreters who listen to speeches or discussions via a microphone. The interpreter  translates them into the target language  to the audience who listens through their headphones. All interpreters are experienced and able to interpret without any pauses while a speaker is talking. This is used for international conferences, business discussions, seminars, court hearings, etc..

Consecutive Interpreting

An interpreter listens, while taking notes, to what a speaker says with the aim of conveying the meaning into the target language. The interpreter translates accurately and at a reasonably fast speed. This is used in circumstances such as business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial discussions, legal, technical or engineering discussions, medical or court hearings or on-site inspection, etc…

Facilitating Interpreting

Tradupolis assists clients in numerous ways. Please ask us for any interpreting requirement you may have in your premises. We are here to help.

Telephone / Video conferences Interpreting

We have modern advanced communication facilities that will help you to communicate your messages to expand your international business at your most convenient time.


The interpreter sits behind, or stands next to the speaker who does not understand a particular language or need particular assistance, and whispers to it simultaneously.


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