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We are a professional translation company composed by qualified certified translators, including technical and legal translators. We are specialized in translation and interpretation of most world languages with the aim of helping companies to internationalize their products and services and consequently improve their image abroad.

We work hard to gain your confidence in Tradupolis. We want to be able to serve you in a long term basis and build a continuity business relationship with you.
You will trust Tradupolis because of what we offer, right from the very beginning, the experience, professionalism and dedication that differentiate our staff. Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified and native speakers.
Our compromise is to give an effective, accurate and professional translations and interpreting service to your company.


Technical Translations

We will assign a personal project manager that will assist you in any requirement that you may have and will keep you updated of any relevant information during the translation process. She/He will study your documents to assign them to the most qualified and experienced translator concerning the field the job is related to. Having it done fulfilling your expectations and delivery dates agreed on.

Our team is constantly growing due to our current international expansion, becoming a leading professional translation company in languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc…

Technical Translations

We try to provide to you the highest possible linguistic translation service no matter what your technical requirements are... Our translations are done by technical field experts working in their native language. It ensures meeting your expectations and getting your products / services ready for the market.See more ...

Technical Translations


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